Implementing Laravel Multi Tenant Architecture

Before two years ago, We ( me and Team Romin Interactive ) have developed online resort booking system – similar to hotel booking system, but a little bit of spicy requirement in it. The complete system was developed in PyroCMS 2.2.1 and hack of FireSale eCommerce module available for PyroCMS. However, we would like to have it developed in Laravel from the scratch for multiple clients, and therefore we planned to implement everything in a way of laravel multi tenant with proper architecture that is scalable.

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Laravel Framework: To get started or wait?

Laravel – a new and booming framework of today’s PHP world. Yes, you heard it right, and today, we are going to discuss my plans with it. Today, we are going to discuss an answer to most commonly and times asked question “Are you going to move to Laravel (4) PHP framework?”. Continue reading “Laravel Framework: To get started or wait?”