About Me – Professional Web Developer and Programmer

Daksh Mehta, from Bhuj, Gujarat, India. I started finding how to make online money when I was 8 years old, now I am 20 years old. In that 18 years, I first found that it is possible to make online money by starting a website. So, I did it.

When I started my first website, in around end of 2007, and known as dgold.co.in. I started that with intention of making money, and firstly, I applied to Google Adsense… At first glance, It was looking great and I started clicking on ads from my friends and relative’s PC…I earned $10 ( at that time, It was a minimum payment of Adsense ) and BOOM!!!!.. They discovered It’s wrong/fraud clicks. So, sadly, they banned my account ;(.  But in that failure, I discovered my talent as “Web Developer and Programmer” and learned a lot about making websites ( HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, MySQL etc kinds of stuff ).

After that failure, I started discovering why I failed and finally..started another website called “dristal.com“, in 2008. And I made it as time pass website with some games section, chatting ability etc for fun with technologies and skills I learned in my previous failure. With whatever I did ( really, It was not good at all, if I see that quality now ). But, at that time, the website was quite entertaining my friends and relatives and believe me, they entertained a lot.

With the feedback I got, after around 3-4 months which says and I quote

Hey Daksh Mehta, You make good websites and I like your skill, why don’t you make it your profession?

So, despite the fact I already know this and was also on a road to perusing this, I thought “Why don’t I make a website for money, professionally!” So, I started looking for opportunities as a professional web developer. And, guess, what? I succeed and I found a lot of freelancing websites, where thousands of projects were getting posted and started applying to it ( of course we low pricing ). Still I was not getting any project. I dig more in that industry and learned a lot.

After discovering what Internet can do for seriously money seeker ( who has dedication, passion, and positive thinking ), I defined “Internet” as “Gold Treasure” ( don’t think I am rich, I am still focusing more on learning new way of earning online money, then earning. But, money is coming automatically steadily.. ) internally in my mind.

So, I officially declared as Dristal as “Web Solution Provider”, internationally ( know more about dristal at the official website. ). After that declaration, I am dedicating myself to Dristal since then…and guess, what? I got support from all friends, considerably. Partho, Sumit, Rohit, Samadhan, Onkar, Abhishek, Rakesh… and a lot more including my self Daksh Mehta (sure you will agree we are best friend of our-self), I can’t list them out all, It won’t fit in the web server hard disk, ( lol! ).

Well, for now, I would not able to write more as my fingers are getting tired of typing ( not actually, lol! ). So, I will update this blog daily ( at least, try! ).

Thanks for looking into my blog, keep in touch! 🙂