Fixing WordPress Blank Screen – eAccelerator


Today, I have been struggling to fix one of my client’s website build on WordPress site.

The problem was simple, blank screen.

When I googled about the problem, I found out many solutions such as

  • Turn on error wp_debug  to TRUE and try to fix any syntax error or any PHP related error

I did it and the problem I found the error as below:

Uncaught exception ‘InvalidArgumentException’ with message ‘Identifier “system” is not defined.’

The error came with Warp Framework and at first glance, I though the problem is pretty easy to solve and it’s just something to fix the key somewhere in the array. But while fixing, It didn’t work at all.

So, I tried having another solution to check.

  • Try to change the theme and see if problem gets resolved.

So, yeah..It did solved the problem. That clearly got me in complex storm and I literally started hating WordPress. but  then I think something is wrong with Theme and not the WordPress..

So, I decided to dig a little bit more and finally My unconscious mind told me two things to check

  1. PHP Version
  2. PHP Module

The first point was pretty clear and I was on 5.4 PHP version. Pretty stable and working good.

The next 2nd point was the HIT! and boom I started enable/disable each module, and first module I disabled got my problem fixed.

Sadly the module is

eAccelerator : A PHP opcode cache / optimizer / accelerator

Source: eAccelerator


Yeah, you heard it right, It was one of the most popular PHP caching engine that increases the performance.

So, being a geek, that got me dig more, and I found out that The problem is with auto loading + eAccelerator.

Yeah, I repeat again, do not use auto loading when eAccelerator or do not turn that module on when you are doing class auto loading on WordPress.

Hope this will help you fix your problem in case you get stuck on same error.