Laravel Framework: To get started or wait?

Laravel Framework

Laravel – a new and booming framework of today’s PHP world. Yes, you heard it right, and today, we are going to discuss my plans with it. Today, we are going to discuss an answer to most commonly and times asked question “Are you going to move to Laravel (4) PHP framework?”.

So, first of all, who don’t know about Laravel framework, they can check out their official website and documentation for Laravel 4 are found at to know and learn about it.

So, coming to point, I heard and learned basics of Laravel, I started playing with it, and code basic application such as Todo, or Contact database with add-edit-delete-view functions, yes I enjoyed it.

But, but…Since I am coming with strong CodeIgniter background, and then I most of the time preferred to use PyroCMS for small to large websites and applications. So, the question is to whatever we should make a transition or not?

And finally, PyroCMS announced something great i.e from PyroCMS 2.3 onwards. It is going to being rewritten in Laravel. Seriously, awesome new for me and finally cleared my doubt. You can get more details on it at – Future of Foundation of Laravel and Progress so far

And that is, I am going to switch and start developing an application in this new framework. Yes, you heard it right, I am. But, I will start developing modules and websites only when PyroCMS officially gonna support. I know you have a “Why?” question to ask but the reason is that I can’t compromise super flexibility, stability, and friendliness that comes with PyroCMS for developers as well end-users.

So, I am happy to say that I am gonna switch to this new fancy framework, but not at the cost of PyroCMS.

So, that’s it for now. I hope you understand what I am trying to say and how I am going to use Laravel for production. I will include more links to this article so that I can explain in more details. Hope I get some time…

Bye, bye!