I ain’t wussy! You also don’t be!!!

Hello there,

Never say Never!” – quote of the day!!!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

First of all, let me tell you, This is one the great day since couple of last months, because I really got great response for what I did…

Since I started a blog, and writing viral blog daily ( it’s second day ), and I started getting lot’s of messages, pinging my friends about this program and asking what is this program all about, why I started and why I joined “Empower Network“?. So, today, I’m just going to talk about why I took this action…

Actually, there are two type of people out there in this world..

1. Wussy: There type of people always worry about what will happen if they don’t succeed in what they are doing..and seriously, sorry, to be honest, I laugh at these type of people…Why? I would say only one thing to answer this “why?“..and I laugh because, they do not have ability to compare what will happen if they succeed..( I mean of course, If you can’t think positive in what you are doing, you don’t even succeed, isn’t it? ). So, there type of people are called “wussy!“.

So, basically, these wussies are just people who are either not one of the future leader ( I said leader, not rich! care!!!! ) or reasons for making other wussies..

2. Not wussy: Well, simply, those are not people who are not wussy..Actually, these type of people are awesome, and from my bottom of heart, I salute to them for not being wussy, because it’s really, really, I mean really hard to avoid being wussy. These type of people not only change his/her future, but change other’s future too.( Believe me, I can give lot’s of name.. )

You know, It’s like magnets, leaders make more leaders…

And I am proud to say that “I am not wussy..To be honest, this is one of the reason I joined the Empower Network.

Sorry, I would extend this post with today’s incidents happened with me..

Yes, I really don’t like to tell you this, as It will just take you towards wussies ( but, please don’t be!! ), but still..I got around 20-25 friends calling me over Social network and on phone asking how to get started, what will happen, but in last, they just conclude..”I want to join, but don’t have money?”,  “I really like Empower Network, but It’s costly..” ( If you said one those answer to me, this paragraph for you ) , Well, this could be true to some people, but I can tell you most of them are just making excuse to him/her self.. not to join great opportunity..


Well, after this post, you might block my blog, may be you don’t like what I said, but trust me it’s true 90% of times..

And I beg, beg, beg, beg, beg and unlimited times beg you “don’t be wussyyyy!” please for god sake!! If you have anything that stopping you from being a success in your life, just find a solution to it, else, believe me, you will not live your life how you want to be..It’s just a bad habit, negative thinking…

Just to reference my this post with science, check this out: The Secret and to learn more what I think and how I think read about me ( About Daksh Mehta,
may be it’s not, but hope it will help, why I think so.. )

And finally, thanks for taking your time sitting at your chair, and reading this long post, and not closing window in between reading this post.

Bye, see you tomorrow!