Sorry and Bye Bye to Orkut


It’s been long since I updated my blog. I am really sorry for being an inactive in blogging. But, trust me there were lot’s of moment when I though I will write the blog post today, but whenever I think something happen, and that diverts me to do that work. I will try to be more active from now..;)

Anyone remember this?

orkut logo

I am not actually big geek of social network, but recently, Google announced something that gave me real shock. The announcement was to declare that on 30th Sept, 2014 ( today! ) Google is shutting down their long living social network – Orkut. Really, I was shocked, and that’s the only reason I am writing this blog post. I really wanted to share some of my great experience with Orkut and stupid / funny moments happened with me just because of Orkut.

I remember the first time I visited the and It said, I need Google account, and that was the time, I got my Google account. Then, I started browsing social network and found that everyone was there, and started sending them friend request.

Then, I was introduced by Scraps – similar to forum, where you write something, and someone reply to that scrap, can be compared to facebook walls. and then I met some nice friends who are programmers (OK!, Its bit odd!) and I followed them in every way, I sent friend requests to their friend requests, I joined the groups that they were part of and watching over some advance discussion ( I was not getting anything at all, 😉 ). But, I kept trying, and guess.

I got my first project of data entry from one of the group I had joined earlier just because some of good buddies of mine were there.

And after a few years of joining, I remember my cousin brother, who is great fan of BJP sent a friend request to Mr. Narendra Modi and he was too much excited, then after few days he told me that It was fake account with Modi’s image and name. That was one of the most earliest LOL moment for me. But, It introduced me about Internet thefts that may happen with anyone.

But like this there were lot’s of funny moments like that..and rest is just a history…

I must say, even after this long time of no use of Orkut, the memory that I have are one of the best early memory of early Internet days..and I feel really proud to be with the generation who used Orkut.

Last but not the least, today, as being in web development, I can realize how it feels shutting down something that was built from stretch and most liked one product by Google. I salute the Team Google, specially Orkut Büyükkökten, founder for their hard work and dedication that they had given to Orkut.

Again Bye Bye Orkut!

By the way, I am really waiting for your experience or memory of Orkut to be shared with us, please don’t forget to share in the comment section.