The journey began 3 years before at Romin Interactive in Daksh Mehta’s own words

It is 3:17 AM and I am gonna write this.

Today is 15th August 2015, and I wish everyone a happy independence day.

So, yesterday was a day when I met Mr. Romin Joshi – founder of Romin Interactive for the first time, which I came to know after reading a message of his at LinkedIn as:

Since your inception with Romin Interactive (RI), you have played a key role to develop and implement most complicated projects. And above all sharing your in-depth knowledge and solving programming issues in jiffy with the team members is always appreciated.

We also feel proud of your singing skills, making you an Idol at RI 😉

We all warm heartily thank you for being a major part of RI Team.

So, I Daksh Mehta, first of all, thanks to the whole team for awesome words, and just to express my journey till now, I am gonna spend couple of hours to have glimpse of these 3 years at Romin Interactive

I remember the days when I was a student of NIIT, and one of the sir named “Zakir Tank” called me and told me that one of the old students of NIIT ( Mr. Romin – aka “Bhim” of CSGO team soon…) needed a WordPress developer to do some of the project, to be honest, my first impression was – na….It’s local client…and then after speaking with him on phone, I knew it’s great opportunity for me to work and have some awesome experience of my life.

After that call, and another, and another, for around 2 months, due to his busy schedule ( though he doesn’t work at office very often, but when he does, Its 1000% productive – trust me I’ve seen him designing logo in an hour if he is at his full energy. ), We finally decided to meet. It was a time around 5 PM and I went to Viable Hospital Bhuj, and after going up at second floor twice, I couldn’t find the office, and finally, I called him and he told me It’s advocate board – which was of his father’s office and I got it.

I handshake with him, and he started asking a regular question (I think it was a formal interview may be;? or who knows..whatever!). While giving an answer to his questions, I opened up my laptop and extracted the couple of themes I have developed for WordPress and started showing him. He was shocked and had a weird look and told me about a project and show me the preview of one of the hotel theme which was in HTML. Which he needed to convert to WordPress and put the content which was available in Word file from the client. I told “yes, I can do it.“. He asked me pricing, and I remember him telling price in dollars ( which he told me to tell in Indian Rupees as we are doing local business now, that was the first piece of advice I’ve got from him on the very first day ).

And I started working on it, and It was around 4 have I completed the conversion and added a content, dropped a mail and went to bed.

When I wake up, I got an email for <which, I don’t remember>. And we had to make few more modifications and after few days of more work to make it perfect and revisions, the project was complete.

While working on RI projects, I met Kunal Khandol and Faruk Khatri and Nirav Mehta ( a hardware guy, not actually active team member of RI in web/desktop projects ) who were at RI since many years. But these two are the key persons who used to ask me doubts and I started clearing their doubts, though they are the wesome developer in PHP and .NET respectively…And I got my first title “Doubt Solver! (though I am just a Google warrior and quick learner)”

The next project was on Magento – a quick small modifications needed to do from code in theme and I did it again in a night.

After that, he was so confident that he took a large project, called me for first big meeting which was for Gateway to Rann Resort booking system. And after a meeting,

I remember him saying “Daksh, Are you sure we can deliver exactly what they have asked?“.

And I said, “Yea, for sure!“.

There after a journey began for development of really big and key project of my career so far which taught me so much that I became 200% good programmer then I was before. The project was being used by them for whole season, and a year after that too…

Then we had lot’s of WordPress and typical project which involved modification of ThemeForest themes and uploading content of client to them to prepare their sites, some big Laravel Applications in PHP and etc…

FAST FORWARD little bit…

He called me and said “Daksh!, Can you train?

And I was like huh? but I remember my friends saying in collage “Daksh!, yaar jab to explain karta hain to pura samaj me aajata hain. [english: when you explain, everything gets clear.]“. which gave me motivation to say “Yes!”. Thereafter he told me about the internship program Romin Interactive is conducting/allowing internship every year for a betterment of the students. And this year, we continued that too and I trained 3 interms with Laravel and starter kit for Laravel I have developed on some of our projects.

The internship was from December to March. And after completion of that..

After that, one day, Kunal bhai told me that he has one of his friend that want to join the team, and as always, I was eager to expand the team at RI and I discussed that with Romin bhai and we got him. But unfortunately, It didn’t worked out very well, and he quit from the job one day suddenly leaving his all running project, and boom I got my first failure seeing my team getting broken..But, “hope is all we have in this universe!”

one day – a key day for me and RI: Me and Romin bhai were sitting together and discussing about expansion of team, and there we got a call from some old knowing girl to Romin bhai about fixing her PHP version. I told him that ask her to come to office and I will fix it.

The problem was simple that her Skype was using port 80 and therefore XAMPP can not use, and I changed it 8765 and she still uses it. :)

After that, Romin bhai told me that she is good at PHP and she can be good asset in the team, and that moment, I told him, let’s take her to the team and she is [say it in Amitabh’s style] “Ami Shah – Ami Satishbhai Shah – naam to suna hoga..huh?“.

Initially, I started giving her small tasks of WordPress sites that I was working, and with a great support from Kunal sir, she became good at it and She became the wonder woman of RI and till now she is one of the most important pillar of the Romin Interactive. At today’s date, she is one who is doing most of the work with of course our handsome dude of RI – Kunal Khandol. They both are the great pair together, and doing awesome projects with exceptional quality. And they both actually proved my most awaited dream of “Quit the WordPress“. (So, just in case if you have a website developed by us, these two are the people who made it possible for you and for your website. A big salute from me! ). Today, I bet, this duet knows the best of the WordPress/Magento themes of the world. Just name the features, they can say the theme or at least find it.

That was about a wonder woman and most active team at RI.

In between while I was doing projects at RI. I always read newsletter having ads of cheap developers, who used to develop websites at cheaper rate at around Rs. 2999 one time. And I was like, what Is IT? I decided to meet them and see crack their mentality, and it was really cheaper…So move on from them after couple of meetings.

One day (I am not sure about month/year!), Romin bhai told me about upcoming opportunity of developing a Test Application for Government schools and I was again damn sure about doing it..So, we discussed and finalized everything. Now time came, and I decided that we will build it in JAVA as were needed the Windows/Linux version of it. But, now as I am writing this, to be honest, I was not very confident on that part, as I have never actually had done big project in JAVA earlier, just couple of pet projects and freelance projects in JAVA. but not that can reach and impact the whole society.

Next day of this,

Romin bhai called me and said “One boy(or shall I tell man?) is in office, and he is JAVA developer, so you come to office and see if we can work together“. So, I reached the office, and discussed the opportunity, and he showed some of his projects he worked in his previous company (which was same that I tried cracking as I discussed earlier to previous paragraph.). I liked it and I told him to start working as soon as possible, that was the decision, that I took first without taking permission from Romin bhai at RI.

The man of letter of RI is “Bhagirath Dangar” – He was so genius that I was just working on Java architecture and code management to make sure the code and architecture of the application is good as possible that we can sustain the change and performance in future. And he was taking care of everything, yes I literally mean everything!. One of the core and most useful ability I found as per my understand is that He is quick learner. He learned SQlite to integrate in around a day or so and integrated it.

After a long period of work for around 5-8 hours of day for around 2-3 months, we have completed a software for government and Its big success so far.

After that, It was a time for me, to transform him and shift his skills to PHP – but he was never worked on PHP. At that time, we had one of the Laravel project, and therefore I directed him to learn Laravel rather then telling him that learn PHP or learn this or that…He directly jumped to the documentation of it, and adapted it, and started working on Laravel and more on client’s live project..

And since then, he is known for more of PHP developer then a Java developer (though I am pretty sure he can be anything! maybe you might see him leading the Python or .NET project too in future). He is just one of the most core pillar to RI at the moment, and for me My doubt solver :) (common, everyone needs a doubt solver, google doesn’t work always)


Just like any other movie, there is good and bad, hero and villain, I also faced a bad day at RI which we at RI call it “Black Day” of history so far!

One day, We were integrating the WHMCS (a software used for managing web hosting, yes, licensed one!) and we did it. With full confidence we imported all of our accounts in the system. After 4 hours, got a mail saying “2 sites were suspended(deleted)“.  Yes, they were deleted, and we were like OMG!. But hopefully we restored it from the backup and I goggled why it happened, and we modified the settings in the WHMCS.
and I remember Romin bhai asking “Daksh, Are you sure it will not happen again, right?“.
And I said, “Yeap, It won’t. We did similar to what they have said to fix this type of issue in future on their official support forum.

So, on same day, I was working late night, and It was around 2 AM night, I checked the mail (just like a routine before I go sleepand guess, We got an 50+ emails saying same thing “Sites were deleted“. and I was like (I don’t even what I call that expression and feeling) I called Romin bhai, giving a bad news, he called me and I asked me to come at office. Though, I had to ask my parents going to office this late night, and they said “NO”, but I literally begged explaining a big mess to them and I literally cried that night for the loss we had in the company. and then Mom told me, “Don’t cry, go!” (I really thank mom for saying Yes on that night). Finally, we met at the office, started working on recovering all the sites, and by 7 or 8 am. We fixed most of the sites and back to normal, before our clients wake up and checks their site :).

So, this was all about “Black Day”, and It was of course my fault or overconfidence I would say that I blindly did what forum said to do to fix the error. But, one good thing happen is that I realized how much team at RI trusts me that I can’t even take any decision without any full-proof plan and surety and on the next day, I asked every team member not to trust me more then what they fill, It’s always good to double-check my decisions on each and every part..

There after, we were back to normal life, and doing regular projects, chilling party and lot’s of cool stuffs.

<!– I have a couple of paragraphs to write here about a big project, if I get official permissions to write on, which I will get in few months.hopefully! –>

After that, just like previous to last year, in last year, we did an internship program again, and this time, we got around 10-13 interns. But, last year, my motto had been changed to take only those interns who could be potential team member of RI. And we found two gems out of 10-13 interns. They are “Harsh Joshi – a cool and handsome dude! and a school mate of mine, which I got to know later when we were discussing about each other’s schooling.”, and “Hemangi Chauhan – the only girl CS:GO player in team RI, sadly!.”.

Initially, both of them have started with doing couple of WordPress project, and coding a theme with me for one of our client. And after that, hemangi madam is still rocking the wordpress zone with Ami madam, and now this trio is rocking the more then 50% of the project with ofcourse our Romin bhai..”.

But, that <so-call> cool dude,  Harsh just got that he was not good fit for WordPress. He is good at R&D, finding solutions from Internet and so he works on some of our Laravel and Android projects now.

We all have lot to travel together and we are rocking on the path, and calling song..”Ham Jo chalne lage…chalne lage yeh rashte…aah….haa…manjil se bahetar lagne lage hain yeh rashte….”

Now, my fingers are telling me stop, so here I am stopping for now! I am going to update this post as I strike something.

One of the core thing I am not able to write here is one more other team member at RI is Aarti Jansari. She have been most dedicated team member on specific projects which are top secrets and we had lot fun doing it, and that missing paragraph is all about our journey on that part, which I will try to get permission and write soon..

So, It was it about 3 years since I joined the Romin Interactive, and I might have missed lot’s of stuff, as It’s not possible to write a 3 years of journey in this 2500+ words of blog post. But, I have tried my best.

So, what I do right now at RI? Here are the things I do with my team

  • Plan and help Romin bhai on project plannings and taking new projects
  • Make tasks in Asana for everyone
  • Solve an issue on hosting side on client’s site or help team members to solve it.
  • Write emails to clients and try to be the bridge between client and team
  • Guide newly became CSGO players on playing good. (I am not even a good player, but I try to be one – thanks to my bro gcttirth for helping me)
  • Maybe get a tea from downstairs if Ajay Devgan fan “Amin bhai” is not available for making and serving tea for us.
  • Watch movies on weekend maybe – we just had back to back movies since last couple of weekends.
  • Or maybe doing for the team to decide who’s gonna go to take a food from the shop nearby.
  • Oh, how can I forget – Singing!
  • And last but not the least, I code, code and code!


Sorry if I have wasted your much of your time by writing a long-lengthy blog  post, so stopping here by hoping that you have enjoyed and experience each and every moment of these 3 years as much as I did.

Period! :)